Wedding Marquee Hire

Planning your special day is no easy task, from the colour of your carpet to the lighting effects above, everything has to be just perfect. We can tailor all of our marquees to make your vision become a reality. However elaborate or simple your requirements, we endeavour to meet every last one.


Want to get married in a field? No problem, we can add catering marquees, generators, toilets and a water supply, we have both georgian style and panoramic windows to make sure you capture the features that make your venue special.


We can also provide lighting & chandeliers, heating, sound, tables, chairs, glasses & tablewear, candelabras, carpets, dancefloors, stages, luxury drapes & linings and even nightsky ceilings.


We like to make sure that everything we do is to the very highest standard, to maintain this standard we only have two wedding marquees out on hire at any one time, this ensures staff are 100% dedicated to your wedding and attention to detail is accomplished.

Panoramic Marquee Windows


Make sure you don’t miss out on all of the features that make your venue special.


Marquee windows are an important touch when you want to feel as though you are outdoors, Panoramic windows really bring the surroundings into your wedding marquee,

they can be unzipped and rolled up in nice weather, or kept closed to keep you warm and dry.


Georgian windows are also available.

Raised Marquee Flooring or Cassette Flooring


At Able Marquees, we pride ourselves on undertaking even the most difficult of builds. If your garden is uneven or you have obstacles in the way, just give us a call and we will see what can be done.


Our cassette flooring system is transported over from Germany, its sturdy steel subframe and 20mm thick timber boards, allow us to raise the marquee flooring and undertake bespoke builds that only a handful of companies can manage.

Chill-Out Marquee or Chinese Hat Marquee


Amongst your wedding guests, you are likely to have some smokers or people who are not keen on dancing or loud music. A nice addition to have, is a chill-out marquee, this pagoda is 5m x 5m and has two sets of outdoor rattan furniture. You could also have furniture around the perimeter, or in an L shape to accommodate more guests.


You can have these separate from your main marquee or adjoined, they also make a lovely entrance marquee.

Furniture and Tableware

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When choosing furniture for your wedding marquee, the list is endless, banqueting chairs are available in a wide range of colours and styles, you can have poseur tables, bar stools, soft seating, modular seating, light up seating and so on. If we don’t have your desires furniture in stock, we will certainly know where to get it from and simply sub-hire it on your behalf.

Table Layout

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Some customers will receive table plans, as part of their quotation and others may not, if you are at all worried about the space you require for your arrangements, we can send you a list of questions, once these are answered a cad plan will be drawn up by one of our team providing you piece of mind.

Lighting and Lining

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Standard lining comes in white, ivory or black you can choose from pleated linings, flat linings or even a bespoke fabric. We can add starlights to black lining to make your marquee have a night sky effect.

Another method is to add pealights behind ivory lining or white lining, this is currently very popular for those shabby chic weddings. If you don’t like the sound of the linings listed we can find alternatives or even build a lining bespoke to you.

Once you have chosen your lining we can then look at some effects, we have uplighting, downlighting, chandeliers, laser beams, react to sound lights and much more. Lighting is the key to making your marquee stand out from the rest, we try to accommodate for any budget.

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